About us

Native Jupiter

"Composing heart-warming clothes for us all".

Native Jupiter strives to be a part of a solution to make our planet a better place by returning to our foundations, coinciding as closely as possible with our historic ancestors. Creating and manufacturing clothes by hand and using the resources provided to us by Mother Nature whilst averting causing any further pollution. By achieving this, Native Jupiter will encourage creativity within our employees to live their own lives sustainably and efficiently. 

Our objective is to make those who produce our clothes love for what they are doing even greater whilst reflecting what changes they are making by keeping it basic and real. Native Jupiter’s wish is that our customer will love what they are wearing by choosing us from inside out and feeling good from outside in.

Native Jupiter was founded with the aspiration to embrace solutions that will lessen the impact of our environmental footprint whilst also ensuring the well-being of both our consumers and our suppliers. Our vision is to create everyday clothes that provide comfort, durability and that are timeless.

Originating from our owners adoration for certain designs and aspiring to share this love of materials with the planet. Coupled with the passion to aid and support the families and communities of farmers and artisans, whilst abating climate change, Native Jupiter aims to utilise and provide clothing that is made justly from the ground up. Our goal is that the manufacturing process be as transparent to our customers as it is to ourselves which in turn improves our relationship with the planet.